Let us recommend London Bussines Solutions LTD as a reliable company, fully prepared to perform complex accounting tasks.

Experienced staff as well as technical and organizational potential guarantee a high level of service. The work entrusted to them is always carried out in accordance with the instructions, in full professionalism and within the prescribed deadlines.

The conscientiousness, commitment and responsibility of London Bussines Solutions LTD have always been the guarantee of reliable work. Thanks to their creativity, organizational skills and ability to function efficiently in stressful situations, London Bussines Solutions LTD successfully performed the functions entrusted to it. A high degree of independence in the implementation of activities makes London Bussines Solutions LTD an ideal partner, deeply involved in the company’s activities and identifying with it.

LondonBussinesSollutions LTD is recommendable for all types of accounting tasks.

NameRadoslaw ZieglerANT BM Limited

After visiting London Business Solutions I was very pleasantly surprised by the competence and courtesy of the people who work there. In a very short time I obtained from them what was unattainable in another office for 3 years.

Malgorzata Kraszewska

Monika Gorska and London Business Solutions have been regularly helping Hurricane of Hearts for 2 years. They take care of administrative and accounting matters in a professional way. Once a year, together with a team of reliable accountants, Monika takes care of the correct counting of money for the benefit of WOSP’s collections.

Monika is an extremely conscientious and organised person. It ensures that all Hurricane of Hearts matters are properly accounted for and that the public trust of our organization grows every year.

I recommend Monika services. Thank you very much, and I greet you very warmly.

Dagmara ChmielewskaHurricane of Hearts

I would like to thank you very much for your very good and professional help in solving problems with the ‘complicated’ UK authorities system.

Ewa Gren

London Business Solutions is a reliable partner. This company uses professional funds for a very fast tax refund – TAX RETURN from England. It employs reliable, friendly and competent staff with a high level of knowledge in the field of TAX RETURN, setting up their own business – self employment, & limited companies, which enabled us to complete the tasks entrusted to London Business Solutions quickly and reliably.

When I entrusted London Business Solutions with Tax Return for the year 2016/2017, I received comprehensive information on this subject by phone and e-mail. By submitting TAX RETURN forms through London Business Solutions for 2016/2016, I was pleasantly surprised how I received two cheques from HM Revenue & Customs as Tax Return for 2010/2011 and 2010/2011 to my home address in Poland, and how quickly I received my refund and the amount I received thanks to London Business Solutions, I was pleasantly surprised.

Having no negative comments as to the reliability of the services provided and loyalty to me, I openly recommend the company: London Business Solutions, as a distinguished professional contractor in Tax Return cases in the UK and beyond. If necessary, I will confirm the above references by e-mail, telephone or Skype.

Grzegorz Lubowiecki

For all those interested in the services of this company I recommend it sincerely and very strongly. Thanks to your tax savings of £1200 and additionally thanks to your professional approach and knowledge of the regulations. You have recovered tax that was overpaid, simply amazing! I was focused on paying big tax and here please 0 tax and not long ago I received Over 600 £ refund and the service at the highest level cost me only 80 £ :)))

Thank you very much and greet you 🙂


Very reliable, quick service. Contact with Mrs. Monika is possible at any time. She never left us without answers to questions, and there were quite a few of them. Affordable prices for services. Our first accountant, who as she undertook something, brought the matter to a close. We would like to recommend.

Jola Lewicka

I sincerely recommend using the services of London Business Solutions both with my husband and we decided to recommend this company to a friend and we are 100% satisfied, we have already used many times, very nice service, quickly, efficiently and most importantly, effectively and at affordable prices I recommend to all interested.

Edyta and Sylwester Pazura