Regardless of whether your company has already started to operate and needs formal registration, or the owners are just thinking about starting their business, our form – Registration of Limited Company Online is the perfect solution. Just think of the name of the company, decide under which address it will be registered, choose the management of the company and determine the share capital, and the rest will be taken care of by our specialists.

Company name

Any Limited Company registered in the UK must have the word ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’ at the end of its name. Otherwise, the name will not be accepted by Companies House and Registration of Limited Company will not be successful. From the technical point of view, it does not matter which option is chosen, and it is only a cosmetic difference or a liking of the owners. When it comes to choosing the Company’s name, Companies House leaves the owners free and does not impose any major restrictions on the choice of the name, with a few exceptions:

  • The name may no longer be registered or be deemed to be the same as another already registered company– the Companies House Act does not allow 2 Limited companies to have the same or almost the same name (e. g. , the Company House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Companies House Act, the Limited name). The name ‘Bank Limited’ is considered to be the same as Bank Holdings Limited, Banks Limited, The Banks Group Limited, Bank Ltd, Bank Holdings Limited and therefore a company under that name cannot be registered.
  • Misleading names– Companies House does not allow successful Registration of Limited Company, whose name may mislead others, e. g. in the name are used words that indicate that the company has certain qualifications when in fact they do not have them (e. g. a lawyer, a doctor, etc. ).
  • Unauthorised Words– Company names should not contain words that imply affiliation or association with a parliament, government, or royal family unless there are grounds for using them. It is forbidden to use words or abbreviations considered to be vulgar or offensive to others, racist or criminal.
  • Specific words– e. g. the word “Group” can only be used in a name if the shareholders of the newly created company are at least two existing companies, the word “Holding” can only be used if the company has an interest in other companies, and “International” if the company will operate in at least one other country outside the United Kingdom.
  • Individual naming– in addition to the above examples, Companies House has the right to refuse to register a company if it deems it inappropriate

Registered Office /Business Registration Address

Whether you are a UK resident or a non-UK resident, your Registration Address must be in the UK. Companies House does not impose any restrictions on address selection, except for one exception – Registration of Company Limited will not be accepted if we select a Post Box as our registered office. London Business Solutions Ltd has an offer of ‘Registered Office’ within the scope of our services, thanks to which it is possible to register a company at our address. Why is it worth taking advantage of this option? it ensures the security of the documents sent (after receiving the correspondence, we provide it to customers via e-mail) and also allows to maintain anonymity – the address of the owners is not made public. Also, in the case of people who frequently change their address, when choosing the option of Registration Address, they no longer have to worry about undelivered correspondence or lost letters.

Company Board of Directors

The structure of Limited Company allows you to have any number of directors and shareholders (whether personal or third party), provided that at least one of the directors is an individual. The minimum composition of the board is one person, so Registration of the Company Limited is a good option even for individuals who want to run a one-man business. The place of residence of the board members is also irrelevant, so they can live both in the UK and abroad.

Share capital

Just like the board of directors, the capital of Limited may be unlimited and its minimum value is £1. In fact, the amount of the capital is the value of the liability of the owners of the company. Because the Registration of the Company Limited allows for the separation of the Company’s assets from those of its owners (as opposed to Self-employment), in the event of the Company’s insolvency, debtors may require the owners to pay amounts only up to the amount of the declared capital.